Tony Buckland

Designer / Art Director / Creative

Linkedin Experiments Drawings

National Geographic Rebrand

Redesigning an iconic Brand.

Coming Soon.

Branding, Identity

A new symbol for the #1 streaming service

Netflix is synonymous with video streaming so it’s inherently linked to the devices that can stream their content. But the Netflix logo doesn’t easily adapt to an app icon. I was asked by Gretel New York to help design and define what an icon could look like within the existing Netflix branding. We treated it as a tool to help users quickly find the Netflix app and get back to streaming.

Branding, Identity
OPND _ Zine

After work discovery

Looking for a new personal interest design outlet, I began creating a series of zines based on themes and aesthetics appealing to me. The series focuses on ideas about space, patterns, typographic forms, and sometimes writing. They’ve influenced my client work and opened up an opportunity to collaborate on a dream project with Gretel in New York.


Everything design for the world’s biggest brand

I’ve designed for product launches, window displays, and various other campaigns for the world’s most respected brand. Unfortunately, they request work not be shown on this website.

Art Direction, Branding, Digital, Experiential, Identity, Interior Design, Print, Product Launch
I live a life of design. I believe in simplicity, clarity, and the importance of all design disciplines. I’m a designer who plays in digital, print and experiential design, branding, strategy, and advertising.
Most nights I design at home, after work, after the kids go to bed, for me.
Advance Auto Parts

Reinventing a brand to cut through the clutter

The last place an antsy car guy wants to be is inside a store waiting behind someone who needs help changing their windshield wipers. Sadly, Advance Auto Parts was spending more time helping the occasional guest, the novice, than the guys who love being under the hood of a car, their repeat customers. They needed to create a brand that reached these repeat customers in a way that spoke directly to them, with honestly, and free of BS. This design system relies on as few elements as possible to cut through the clutter.

Integrated Rebrand: Art Direction, Branding, Digital, Experiential, Identity, Out of Home, Print, Social, Video / Film
do. the human doing

A fully connected experience to help one man get healthier

Unfortunately, health insurance companies aren’t known for helping people. But do. is different (a part of Blue Cross Blue Shield Minnesota). It’s hard to help people lose weight through a TV commercial or even a TV show, so we decided to humanize losing weight by putting it all out in the open. Literally. We put one obese man, living inside a glass box at Mall of America for 30 days and mall guests were encouraged to interact and give “the human doing” support to lose weight over the 30 days.

Integrated Campaign: Art Direction, Branding, Digital, Experiential, Identity, Interior Design, Social, Video / Film
The Everyday Collection by Target

Groceries + Fashion

Target is known for low prices and high fashion. Previously, when it came to groceries they only talked about prices, just like everyone else. To set Target apart we brought fashion to groceries in a way that only Target can.

Art Direction, Digital, Print, Out of Home, Social
Propel Water

Using technology to relaunch a brand

Launching a new exercise water in an already crowded market seems impossible. With little to talk about legally, Propel needed to create a brand experience that grabbed peoples attention and set them apart from the competition. Using a motion-heavy WebGl site design, Propel was able to give new customers an experience like no one else in the category.

Art Direction, Digital, Social
Birds of Minnesota

Minimalism meets nature

Birds of Minnesota is a personal illustration project. I challenged myself to edit and distill down the defining characteristics of each bird down to the absolute minimum without losing the essence of that bird.

Children’s Minnesota

Proving how amazing children really are

All children, not just sick, have something inside them that makes them more amazing than adults could ever be. They’re honest, compassionate, and will fight like hell no matter the challenge. Have you ever seen an adult fall off a bike dozens of times without giving up? No. Children’s Minnesota needed a way to prove their reverence for children and their profound affects on the staff and the business.

Integrated Rebrand: Art Direction, Branding, Digital, Experiential, Identity, Out of Home, Print, Social, Video / Film

An iconic poster for an iconic event

After discovering my personal project “Birds of Minnesota,” I was asked by Askov Finlayson, a high-end indy boutique, and The Bachelor Farmer, a nationally recognized farm-to-fork restaurant, to design the promotional material for their annual Scandinavian crayfish celebration called Kraftskiva!. I used my minimalist illustration style to depict the crayfish and selected a fresh and interesting color palette for them the use across the campaign.

Art Direction, Branding, Digital, Identity, Print, Social
Hexagon Society Skateboards

A life-Long passion project

Skateboarding has had a huge impact on my life for the past 30 years. Even though my body can’t handle it anow, I still love it, so I started my own skateboard company. A central aspect of skateboarding is exploring the architecture around you, and brutalist architecture makes for the perfect playground.

Birds 2016

My love of illustrating birds continues in this series based on simple geometric shapes and a grid.

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Grids, Type, and others

More exploration

I have always loved two things about design: order and typography. In most of my work there is an underlying grid, whether or not it’s obvious. And sometimes I just make things without thinking about it.

Box Tops for Education

Digital experiences for school to use and share

Box Tops for Education allows schools to earn extra money for the things they need. To celebrate and promote Box Tops, customizable videos were created using a stop motion message to educate parents about the program.

Art Direction, Digital, Experiential, Social

To celebrate the funds that had been paid out through the program, Box Tops sent a high school marching band through a grocery store to rally people around the cause.

Using simplicity to sell an agency

An advertising agency’s website isn’t for advertising people, it’s for the clients who buy it. To speak to this audience mono needed to change not only their front-end experience, but their back-end experience as well to reach potential clients faster and smarter. The website is fully responsive and can be updated by anyone at a moments notice.

Art Direction, Digital, Identity

A digital experience for the fun of it

Work should be fun so once a year mono creates a project to celebrate the creative spirit they strive to embody. monotunes was created as a fun, interactive experience with each employee illustrated as an 8-bit character. When clicked on, each avatar animates and plays a unique sound. The site gave people a mashup of noise and entertaining animation. Tweets were also sent to reveal easter eggs hidden in the site that brought up even more ridiculous animations.

Animation, Art Direction, Digital, Sound Design Direction
Harvard Business School

A smart brand needs a smart partner

Harvard Business School has undergone their biggest curriculum change in over a century. To help promote this shift to perspective students, we created a documentary film covering this change and its impact on students and staff. Additional projects for HBS include digital campaigns, experiential events, and large-scale print projects. Unfortunately, they request work not be shown on this website.

Art Direction, Branding, Digital, Experiential, Identity, Print, Social, Video / Film